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charactershaming?: "Shame? What shame? What should I be ashamed about?"


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cs-"I like to act like a cat even though I'm no. I messed up someone's house'

"What? I never messed up someone’s house!" he said with more emphasis, seeing as this time he had honestly forgotten that one ever happened…

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charactershaming: I like to blame everything on everyone else and take no criticism

This time the young man only glared about it.

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"I like to lie to my friends"

"I do not," was Magolor’s only response to that statement, spoken like a simple fact from someone slightly frustrated with the confusion. This was, of course, a lie in itself.

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*Pokes at Magolor's ear a bit* Do you ever pick up radio waves on these things?

Magolor swatted the grey hands away from his ears.

"Of course not. They’re more sensitive to loudness, not a different wavelength than yours."

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((I remember planning something with Dimi but I can’t remember most of it now OTL))

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((Psst, you accidentally answered that privately.)) "...Oh. Well, you'd be crushed too if you knew your life was coming to an end! Really, I thought I was being quite jov--Wait, a riot?! I wholeheartedly disagree! My words are naught but the most dire of flowing rivers of serious syllables! How dare you imply otherwise!"

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The alien wizard laughed about at that, snorting a bit this time.

"Watching you be so upset about something makes it even funnier. Anyway, you do have a point there. I’ve lost mine before and it’s not a particularly fun journey there and back. Luckily I shouldn’t have to deal with a natural death for a while, unlike you.” At that, he only half-attempted to hide a smirk down at the jester.

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((Wow Magolor needs some self improvement. I mean, not being able to take criticism is a real problem.))

((I was joking. A little. He gets the message after like… a number of times of being told it but he still manages to whine about things a lot at the same time.))

Magolor:*receives any form of valid criticism*
Magolor:I came out here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.