((fancy fancy marx!

it’s all done! :D I think these colours suit best. I was going to add a pattern to his tights but the way I shaded them makes that a little difficult. maybe later.

hope you like!))

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I wanted to redo a Kirby Masterlist, because i’m curious and wanna know how many people we have. :D


(especially for a possible plot in the future. You can be an ask blog, rp blog or both. Just reblog or like this post and put a ‘I’ next to the character/characters you respond as, so I can gather numbers, thanks! :D)

Kirby: I I
King Dedede:
Meta Knight:
Dark Matter:
Magolor: |
Marx: |
Dark Mind:
Shadow Dedede:
Shadow Kirby:
Queen Sectonia: ||
Taranza: |
Dark Meta Knight:
Galacta Knight:
Prince Fluff:
Dyna Blade:
Keeby (Yellow puff):
Red Puff:
Blue Puff:
Green Puff:
Purple Puff::
White Puff:
Brown Puff:
Dark Blue Puff:
Queen Ripple:
Sir Falspar:
Sir Dragato:
Sir Arthur:
Sir Nonsurant:
Knuckle Joe:
Plasma Wisp:
Sphere Doomer:
Waddle Dee:
Waddle Doo:
Extra Kirby game character:|
Extra Anime character:
OC (original character.): l||

This list will be kept on my blog as a reference of what blogs we have. I will constantly update it, so it gives new people a chance to choose a character that doesn’t quite get all the attention they deserve! :P If I have left any main characters out, please add them! I’m bound to have forgotten a lot of characters ^^;

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thecastedshadow asked:

((Oooh, aren’t you interesting. I hadn’t followed you yet.

Magolor is terrified of Nightmare since his own timeline’s Nightmare has come to bother him and Marx a number of times. Luckily, their own timeline’s Nightmare is “dead” and probably will continue to be until after Magolor himself dies.

The Lor doesn’t fear Nightmare like he does in some ways fear 02 but he sure does hate the guy.))

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oocbox asked:
★ shapes, ★ favorite shape [other than gears]

((Gear—aww. But you said favorite shape…

For Magolor it’s probably some kind of crystalline shape, because they can be jagged but also very orderly. He used to see them all over Halcandra.

The Lor probably appreciates rectangular prisms.))

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Anonymous asked:
★ Hobbies (For both of them)

((Outside of things they do with their partners…

For Magolor: tinkering with electronics, reading, cleaning… sometimes playing video games. Training on occasion. He really should do the last thing more often.

Lor: When he isn’t performing security sweeps and things and isn’t with NOVA… he sometimes goes off to groom his android because he really likes how it looks.))

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For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about my characters.


You can specify any number of characters you want. You may also specific something you want to hear about, but not too specific. :>

ex: ★ Fears 

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visitorsfromanotherdimension asked:
or alternatively "everything I ever told you was a lie"


"Every time I ever said ‘thank you’ was a lie… but not the kind of lie you might be thinking of. They were all lies in the sense that I cannot feel gratefulness, but… the thought is still there. If I could feel it, I would be telling you the truth. So it is a lie of necessities; you know what I mean by it, I know what I mean by it, but by conventional definitions it will always be a lie."

Magolor paused at this with slightly parted lips and a vaguely hurt expression. Or, rather, he did at the beginning of 02’s explanation before shifting into one of simple curiosity. Sometimes learning about how the big guy thought was informative about the way he reacted to the world. It seems easy to understand, not having the positive half of the emotional spectrum, but there seemed to be minute details that he was always discovering about it.

He still frowned at the end, though this time because of 02’s fate and not his own.

"It’s all right. I do know what you mean. It’s the thought that counts, 02, and I appreciate that you try for me."

mxgolor asked:
(Stares at the fluffy Magolor)

If this new face meant the dog walking around, they certainly were seeing something fluffy. Magolor, still a golden cloud of hair on legs, spotted them back after a moment… and took off running towards them. He was a bit of a fan of other versions of himself.

Luckily he’d be back to normal later. Trying to converse with yourself in dog language when nobody else is a dog is a bit of a trial.

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Anonymous asked:
...? (QB just stares down at the Dogolor) ~QB

Said dog had approached QB with tail wagging, but had only done so because the difference in color his eyes could detect made it hard to recognize the woman until he’d gotten closer. Once he did, though, his tail lowered and he stared back. That is… until he made a low growl.

It was weak and unsure sounding, but it was still a growl.

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