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If you want to make up a relationships page, then more power to you! It would be sort of interesting to see, but it's up to you in the end. If you feel like doing it.

((I sort of do! But it’s been quite a while since I actually had meaningful interactions with anyone… um. I’ll try to amass one some time. I really would like one… they’re cool.))

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send me a “✎” and ill draw your muse

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((Honestly I’ve never liked the organization of like… any of my character pages because I can never think of what to write without some context.))

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Didn't you at some point have a relationships page?

((I did but I veeeerry rarely updated it and eventually decided it wasn’t a good idea to keep it because of that.

I suppose I could remake it if you’d like.))

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Would you consider yourself an Optimist or a Pessimist? Or, if you so wish to consider, a Realist or an Idealist?

"That’s quite the question, isn’t it? It’s so loaded that I’ve been sitting on it for ages. So sorry to have been so slow to get back to you…

"I guess my answer," Magolor said with a hesitant scratch of the ear, "is that I’m something of both. I’m sure you all know how I plan to collect and unite the universe all up into one territory so I can make it run as efficiently as possible, right? Right. I guess you could say that kind of plan is more of an idealist’s dream.

"On the other hand, I’ve been dragged through the mud so many times in my life I can’t count them on all my fingers and toes. I know very personally just how loathe people are to give up their misguided freedoms for some semblance of fairness. I’ve felt it. I’ve heard it all. You’ve seen me get fatigued and worn down from it, too. I guess you could say I have a concept of realism from that.

"Ultimately, though, I guess that all sounds most like pessimistic idealism. The idea of being able to take over everything sounds pretty outlandish, doesn’t it…?"

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Have you ever met someone named Fawful?

The young wizard tilted his head and hummed a bit.

"Nah. Can’t say I have, but I’ve heard the name."

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((I know about the continuing problem with the pagination buttons and I plan to work on those when I can, but is there anything else on this theme that anyone needs me to change for accessibility purposes? Text color, font size… anything. Trigger warnings on future posts, also?))

Tips for writing RP starters


Okay so this isn’t that big a deal but I just figured that I should share this.

So a roleplay “starter” is basically the first post in a roleplay thread or the first approach of two characters. This is sometimes known as a prompt. Moving on. There are two main types of roleplay starters, one of which is absolute gold, the other of which should be avoided at all costs.

Passive and active starters.

What the hell do this fancy terms mean, you may ask? Well it’s not something a lot of people put a name to, but it’s very important when creating starters. While active starters are almost always thought-provoking and interesting, passive starters are often boring and absolutely useless.

Here is an example of a passive starter.

Mary was simply walking down the street when she noticed Sam. “Hi there!” She said.

That. That is literally the bane of my existence. Now, not all passive starters are simple “hello”s. In my own terms, a passive starter is any starter that requires more thought on the receiving party’s end than the giving party’s. Yes, a passive starter could possibly be worked with for a few replies, but the two characters quickly run out of things to talk about. But you see, the person dishing out the starter should be igniting something, giving them receiving person something to talk about. That, in essence, is what roleplaying is all about. That’s why you would want an active starter. For example:

Mary was strolling casually down the road when suddenly, she tripped. As she fell, she heard a clanking noise, and upon recovery realized that she had dropped something important out of her pocket, and it had fallen into a drainage vent. Eyes wide, she jumped up from the ground and tapped a stranger on the shoulder, “Uh, excuse me, sir! I’ve dropped something down that grate over there… would you please help me get it out?”

Now, obviously that’s not the best starter in the world, but it gives a motive. It’s thought-provoking. It gives the receiving end of the RP more to think about, and therefore, propels the RP forward.

Does this make any sense? If so, just keep this in mind. For future reference, some of the most common passive starters are:

  • Simple greetings
  • Having your character be meandering about, expecting the other character to approach them. No, you’re starting it, you’re supposed to lead.
  • Approaching and not saying anything.

Any of those should be avoided, and anything else that seems passive to you. I hope that now, with this whole passive/active system in mind, you can write better starters and have better rps! Peace be with you. Any questions? Feel free to ask me!

Feel free to reblog if you learned something or think this might be helpful to others!

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Your rules page is not linked anywhere that I can see.

((Whoops. Thank you.))

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