((Okay, I know I haven’t been posting, but I have been thinking about stuff and who I want to RP with in the near future. I have a plot going with holynightmarecorporation and soon to be emperorholynightmare…? I think that’s Vagrant’s new URL. Anyway, though, there are other people I want to send messages to so please expect me to send you one or answer any current threads we have in the next few days/weeks if I can. c’:

In no particular order:

  • bluedudewithatude
  • heroicplumber
  • redideyanightmare
  • masterofdimensions
  • followingcourage
  • thealmightysorceress
  • the-mantle
  • orbot-sa-55

If you want me to send you something, tell me and I’ll try to fit you in! You might have to remind me a few times, though. I’m really sorry.))